Welcome to Q1 Entertainment PLC

Dear shareholders,
dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
dear friends of Q1 Entertainment PLC,

Modern times are approaching for the lottery market. The common way of ordering services and goods online in many areas of daily life has now also been unlocked for the brokerage and participation in the international lottery market.

Q1 Entertainment PLC has been committed for many years now towards this contemporary use of modern communications. Even the short term suspension of our product range in Germany (due to a legislation that has since been declared contrary to EU-law ) could not stop us in the long run. We continued with determination the development of our business idea.

The pursued European orientation of this business idea is reflected in Q1 Entertainment PLC. By this we show, that we also see potential in other European states for this business model.

The basis of our business is and remains the German market. Through our 80% subsidiary, the Lottoarena Spielsysteme GmbH located in Neuss, we offer a secure and legal access to the federal German lottery market. Not only the known and popular Lotto 6aus49 but also the modern EuroJackpot, KENO and Glücksspirale can be comfortably and securely played via www.lottoarena.de.

I would like to cordially thank you for the trust YOU have placed in my fellow board directors, the whole of team of Q1 Entertainment and myself. I hope, that in the following years that you also will stand beside us in an interested and constructive manner, as we bring our European business plan into action.

With best regards,
Thomas van Rooij

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Announcement of Q1 Entertainment PLC

The Board of Directors announces that on Friday the 10th of February 2017, the stakeholders list has been fully filed with the commercial register in Neuss, Germany following a month of protest and examination. The causes were disputes over the sale of 90% of stakes on Lottoarena Spielsysteme GmbH from Q1 Entertainment PLC to IGBS… Read More

Freeze for sale of shares

The Board of Directors announces today a „freeze“ of the shares held by her current shareholders until the IPO. Only Q1 Entertainment PLC is permitted to sell shares from its duly authorised capital. Exemptions are considered for special cases, each one will require an individual resolution by the board following a review of the case.… Read More